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Eat Local Food | Drink Local Beer

We take quality and natural ingredients seriously.  At NYP Bar and Grill, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality food and drink around, sourced from local providers and always crafted with a careful touch. Our hand-crafted burgers and pizzas, our award winning Happy Hour, our Weekend Brunch, and completely scratch kitchen set us apart for quality and bold taste!   We have locations throughout the Northwest, with every location embracing and supporting their communities local breweries and beer movement.

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The NYP Promise
Our Commitment to You

NYP Bar And Grill Promise

All of our food is made in-house, from scratch. Our pizza dough is made fresh daily with herbs, garlic and Bellingham’s own Boundary Bay Scotch Ale and hand tossed to order. We make our classic red pizza sauce, marinara and alfredo in-house along with more then 26 signature dipping sauces.   Our Weekend Brunch menu is 100% scratch, all the way down to the house made biscuits.

Your meal is made from honest and natural ingredients like nitrate-free, uncured pepperoni from Cascioppo Brother's and natural 100% hormone and antibiotic free beef for all burgers, raised in the Columbia Valley. We use only premium, hand-crafted meats, that are almost all Washington-sourced and come in the most natural state available.  

We care about your experience and offer a dedicated gluten free menu, a perfectly selected Northwest tap list for the beer obsessed, a great sports viewing environment or a family friendly experience. If we can make it, we happily will, so don’t be afraid to ask!

We always buy local. NYP is proud to use Ballard's own Cascioppo Brother's hand crafted pepperoni and sausages, Mt Vernon's Draper Valley Farms Chicken, and Ferndale's own Hempler's Peppered Bacon. We pride ourselves in sourcing many of our ingredients locally. We love to be a part of the craft brew movement and proudly “drink local” at NYP.

Local Purveyors

Cascioppo Brothers Meats  //  Hempler's Bacon // Crucible Brewery // Fremont Brewing

Seattle Cider // Elysian // Wander Brewing // Granny Strong Vodkas // Boundary Bay

Kulshan Brewery // Birdsview Brewing // Seattle's Best Coffee // Draper Valley Farms