Gluten Free Menu for Seattle, Bellingham & Lynden

NYP™ Bar & Grill provides a gluten free menu for our customers looking to improve their diet.

We do our best to safely and respectfully handle gluten free foods, however they are cooked in the same kitchen as our regular menu and NYP strongly urges you to not eat gluten free in our restaurants if you are a celiac.Thank you!
Snacks & Starters
Soup & Salad

Served on Udis gluten free burger buns. Served with a garden salad. Gluten free honey mustard, blue cheese, ranch and balsamic available.


10" size only in gluten free — 12.99 ea.


Gluten free vodkas available from local Bellewood Acres distillery in Lynden, WA. We can make these vodkas into delicious martinis or gluten free cocktails. Ask your server for our drinks menu.