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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join your rewards program?
Text NYP to 425-287-5999. You will receive $5 off your next order at NYP for signing up.

You can find out more about our rewards program here and sign up: http://www.nypbarandgrill.com/contact/rewards-program/

How can I check my NYP Club Rewards points balance?
Click on this link, enter your number and pin code: http://www.nypbarandgrill.com/contact/rewards-program/

How can I spend my NYP Rewards Club points?
Dine at any NYP

Are there any age limits for your locations? Do diners have to be over 21?
We welcome guests of all ages and even serve happy hour in our dining room for those who bring their children along.

How can I purchase a voucher/gift card?
You may purchase a gift card from any service employee at NYP or online at http://bit.ly/2enNhpS

What time in the evenings do you stop seating for diners?
Diners are welcome at all hours of our operation.

What do you need to unsubscribe me from your emails?
Simply go to a recent email (after 20th Sept 2016) and scroll down to the bottom and click the “unsubscribe” link. Please try this first. If you receive any emails more than 1 week after this, please email us at support@nypbarandgrill.zendesk.com and we will resolve this for you.

Do you have bottomless fries.
At NYP we have Unlimited Fries. Available as sides with entrees, burgers and sandwiches. We also offer signature complimentary dipping sauces with our fries!

Can I order take out food or home delivery from NYP?
We do take to-go orders for pick up, but do not deliver in house. Our Bellingham location works with Viking Foods as a delivery partner (click here to order now), and our Seattle location works with Uber as a partner for delivery (click here to order now). We will be working with Uber Eats will be delivering from other locations very soon, starting with Renton and Everett on Friday 11/4.

Is your beef grass fed?
Our beef is not grass fed. It is 100% natural and hormone free, as well as completely fresh (never frozen) but it is not grass fed.

I looked on your website and the restaurant said “Closed”. Is this true?
We’re not closing or closed. This is a real time notice, so it only says “closed” during the night. Once we open in the morning it will say “Open”.

How do I book a table?
We do not accept reservations. Our restaurants are set up on a first come – first serve basis. We use the No Wait app, so feel free to download the No Wait app and put your name on our list now! Download No Wait here.

I’d like to book a large group for an event or party? How can I do this?
We do make exceptions for this depending on the day and time of the requested event or party. Contact the General Manager to discuss..

How can I find out about disabled access?
All of our locations are wheelchair accessible

Are you recruiting near where I live? How can I apply for a job in your bar and restaurants? How can I become a NYP team member?
We are always hiring. Go to www.nypbarandgrill.com, scroll to the bottom and click on careers. Information containing all open positions will appear. You are free to submit your application here or stop in with your resume any time.

When are you open?
All our locations are open during the following hours:
Sunday 09:00-00:00
Monday 11:00-00:00
Tuesday 11:00-00:00
Wednesday 11:00-00:00
Thursday 11:00-00:00
Friday 11:00-00:00
Saturday 09:00-00:00

Do you have different opening hours during the holiday season?
We close early on Christmas Eve
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Do you offer nutritional information?
Nutritional information is not available at this time. Please keep an eye on our website nypbarandgrill.com for updates

Is your food Gluten-Free?
Not all our food is gluten-free, but we have a dedicated gluten-free menu, which you can see here: http://www.nypbarandgrill.com/menu/gluten-free/

Do you offer Vegan options?
We do not offer vegan options. However, if we can make it, we will. Simply request your modifications with your server. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you have allergen information?
Not at this time

Do you plan to open a NYP Bar and Grill near me?
We typically announce our new location openings about a month before we open. You can find out about these on our website at www.nypbarandgrill.com or on our Facebook page

We’d like to become a supplier to NYP. How do we get in touch?
Contact Ryan Zawisza at rzawisza@nypbarandgrill.com

Do you offer catering?
Yes, we offer a broad range of catering options. We also offer free delivery on Catering Orders of $300 or more, if booked at least 48 hours in advance. You can see these here: http://www.nypbarandgrill.com/menu/catering/

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